Can You Build an Online Business Off The Grid?

The world is a crazy place. So many things to take advantage of, and so many things to be worried about. Can you do both? Can you prepare for the worst while capitalizing on the best?

A not too common question we get here (but it does get asked and it’s an important one), is whether you can live off the grid and still enjoy the benefits of an online income. You can, and there are multiple ways you can do this. I’ll assume, since you’re asking the question you’ve already established your own independent power supply, as well as your online connection… whether you’re routing through multiple IP’s over-the-air or burying a line to your furthest neighbor.

The question here is about identity and claiming the income you earn. We’re wading into questionable waters here and for legal purposes, I won’t bring this post into the realm of fake ID’s and bank accounts. Again… if you’re versed in that area, there’s nothing you can learn from this post and DH Brown Books does not recommend or condone such activity. What we’re talking about is earning money online legally, while living off the grid.

***Disclaimer: This post is NOT to be construed as legal advice. Any and all personal and business arrangements you make with friends, relatives, and associates are solely your risk and responsibility. DH Brown Books, nor the author take any responsibility in the business or personal activities you participate in, legal or otherwise. The purpose of this post is merely to illuminate potential possibilities of generating a survival income while exercising your rights to privacy and live free, independent and off the land. Before proceeding in practice it is highly recommended and encouraged DH Brown Books to seek full legal advice and direction.

One option you may consider is to have a friend or relative that you trust set up an LLC in their name. This online business will be legal, and as such, all tax obligations apply.  In effect your online business will be their online business. Again, it must be someone you trust.

Although you are building and managing the online business, all expenses and revenue will pass through the company and be reported to the IRS. No funny business going on here. Your friend or relative will claim a certain percentage (determined you) as personal income and also pay tax on that amount, which will leave him or her with a net amount from which they can procure your personal services for private purposes. It could be basitting, gardening, or changing the brake pads on their 03 F150. You get the point.

Type of Online Business

Once you’ve established an arrangement in which all parties agree, and Uncle Sam gets his fair share, you’ll need to decide what kind of online business you should set up. You’re trying to live off the grid, so it’s important that you don’t have to deal with physical products. The last thing you need to worry about is inventory, invoicing, product returns and so on.

Your best option in this authors opinion is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you simply earn commissions on products while everything else is hands off. If you want to further distance yourself from physical products (because you can earn commissions on those as well), you can focus on digital products. These are things like online courses and software.

Obviously, how to set up and run an online business is beyond the scope of this post. For a complete list of online businesses and jobs you can do from home, this post over at Gig Hustlers is a good resource.

The advantages to affiliate marketing go further than not having to handle inventory. There is also no selling involved, no recruiting of any kind, and once established it provides a true passive income.

It’s not the only option, but as a starting point it’s highly recommended. With an established affiliate marketing business you can branch off into buying and selling niche websites, offering search engine optimization (SEO) services, personal consulting, and even web design services, all of which you can do from your shanghai-la in the mountains.

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