How to Manage Your Work at Home Business


Working from home has become the new song of this present age of booming technology. The resolution to work from home has come as a rescue option to many. People who have a restrained mobility for one reason or the other, those who are tired or lost their employment, those looking to make extra cash, name them. Working from home however, unlike what people think – still needs tons of discipline to manage successfully.

Here are some of the things you should take note of to help you manage your work at home business.

1.Organization strategies

Organization strategies when working from home involve everything from time management to goal setting and self-scheduling.

Time is an important resource in every business arena. Working from home is no exception. A fallacy that being at home brings is that “I have all the time in the world and I can do what I want when I want.” Even the setting of goals is useless if you don’t put a time limit to it. Time management is key. It even feels good to see yourself being punctual with your own deadlines, doesn’t it? It ensures that you have everything flowing and following in order.

If working from home was a soccer game, would you fail to consider putting up a goal post? Don’t stop viewing your work at home business as a soccer match. The fact that you’re in your house doesn’t mean you don’t have rivals out there in the market just like in your old job. You need to set goals, both short term and long term so that other than making some extra cash, you may also climb to the top of the food chain in your business.

Discipline has always been about self-drive. Remember you are now the captain of your ship. When the ship makes unnecessary stops, you lose a lot of time that is valuable to the agenda of the whole journey. So is self-scheduling. Failure to schedule yourself may lead you to having unnecessary interruptions that pull down the pants of the goals you set.

2.Tools to use.

Who said the farm and garage are the only place that needs tools? Like any other job, in order to manage working from home business, you need to have tools. They range from anything to everything that will make you work better and meet your desired goals.

The first and best tool that even farmers know (though I am sure they have never thought of this) is your mind. That’s the first and best natural tool you have that should both be used well but not be overused. Hey, you are not a machine.

Other tools you will need to work from home is a desktop computer or a laptop. This goes hand in hand with internet connection from an ISP. Don’t get worried if you have an old machine. Use that before you can afford an updated one. Don’t despise humble beginnings you know.

With an internet connection, you can open a cloud account where you can save up your data of course in organized folders. Make sure they are secured and backed up. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Stationery is also important. Get the right set of writing materials, books and papers you can use and enough of each. There are many things that can kill momentum. A trip to the office supply store is because you don’t have something is one of them.

You can choose to have a separate phone for business only. It is recommended that you don’t mix your personal life matters with business. You know how that turns out.

Finally, have a desk where all the mentioned can rest. Arrange them in order like the way you used to in the office at your former work place.

3.Productivity Tips

  • Computer literacy: You might been assimilated to the use of computers through the advantage of your times. That however doesn’t mean you know everything about them. Get some training on computer hardware and the use of software that will help you do the job you want. Comes at a cost but it’s worth it in the long run.
  • Record keeping: Try to keep your records in order to avoid suffering from the consequences of clumsiness such as records loss. Instruct yourself to be orderly just the way you instruct your kids to clean their rooms.
  • Communication skills: Learn or preferably take a course on how to communicate with people over the phone and one on one. Business transactions are made through communication. There is no way you can run away from that.
  • Stay In Shape: Working from home means a lot of sitting and not much walking. You’ve also got an entire kitchen not far from your home office. It’s easy to get out of shape and generally unhealthy which can lead to a loss of energy, poor sleep, a clouded mind, and in some cases serious health issues. These will destroy your productivity.

Of course, we must plug ourselves. As your business grows and requires more organization, please consider us for your bookkeeping services.

4.Staying motivated

The greatest disservice you can do to yourself when trying to manage your work from home is forgetting that you are human. You can only do as much as your abilities allow you to.

Don’t get disappointed to the point of giving up if your financial graph records a meteor drop in your wages. Even in your old job, maybe you started with peanuts for salary and it rose over the years. The concept is the same. Be a little patient and stoke the fire some more. It still doesn’t mean you should over-work yourself.


Remember, you are the guard that stands at the gate of your mind. Let garbage in and you’ll get garbage. Read about your business and other successful business people you can relate to. Listen to podcasts, follow successful entrepreneurs online. Join an entrepreneurial online community or something local if available. Find a mentor.

Whatever you have to do fill your idle time with positive energy and information that moves you forward, it must be done. No politics, news, games, or whatever distraction takes you away from your goals and leads you to negative thinking. You can be certain that no successful entrepreneur rose to greatness while watching CNN or playing Candy Crush for hours a day.

On the other side of the coin, your successes are worth a toast to yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself some credit and a reward when you overcome a milestone.

That way, working from home is highly likely to be the best decision you ever made in your career life.

Get out of your house. Go for walks. Take your laptop to the coffee shop. Visit friends. Make time for your life.

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